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Vasfiye Derya Sen


I have been offering individual and couple therapy in Turkish and English since 2018. I am

mainly working on early maladaptive schemas that occurred as a result of the unmet needs of a child by the caregiver/s with the Schema Therapy Approach. Although Schema Therapy is the main approach that I use, I usually prefer to integrate it with other approaches, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and mindfulness. The client and I together decide which approach works the best for her/him regarding her/his needs. I am taking supervision as the prerequisite of being an international certificated therapist by the International Society of Schema Therapy.


  • MSc in Clinical Psychology, Baskent University, 2021

  • BSc in Psychology, Bilkent University, 2017

  • BSc in Philosophy, Middle East Technical University, 2012

  • Self-Compassionate Mind Training, Dr. Stan Steindl, 17.02.-6.04.2022

  • Dealing with Affairs, Eva Frank-Noyon, 10.03.2022 (6,5 Hours)

  • Schema Therapy for Couples, Prof. Eckhard Roediger, 27.04-13.07.2021 (30 Hours)

  • Psycho-oncology Training, Dr. Esra Savas, 06.03.-28.03.2021 (24 Hours)

  • Basic Trauma Training, Turkish Psychology Association, 22.01.-12.03. 2021

  • Trauma and Resilience International School, Metiv- The Israel School for Psycho-

    trauma, 14.10.2020-27.01.201

  • Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders, Susan Simpson, Schema Therapy Australia,


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders (CBT-E), Christopher G. Fairburn,

    The Center for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford, 17.08.2020

  • Working with Suicidal Clients, Andrew Reeves, University of Malta, 27-29.07.2020

  • Schema Therapy Training, Dr. Alp Karaosmanoglu, 18.06.2020-27.06.2020 (40 Hours)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training, Dr. Steven C. Hayes, 01.06.2020-


  • Telepsychology Best Practices Training, American Psychological Association,


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training, Prof. Dr. M. Hakan Turkcapar, Association for

    Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies-Turkey, 24.02.2018-02.06.2018 (50 Hours)


  • Private Practice as a Psychotherapist based in Turkey, 2018- Present

  • Employee Assistance Counselor - APPA (Online Therapy Service based in Belgium),

    September 2021 - Present

  • Psychotherapist in SPOD (LGBTI+ Community Association based in Turkey), June

    2022- Present

  • Internship – Ankara Gulhane Hospital, 17.02.2020 -30.05.2020

  • Internship- Stress Management and Research Center (SUYAM), 05.10.-26.12.2020

  • Internship - METU Health and Psychology Center, 05-07.2016

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