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My name's Dorota.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Counsellor with an educational background in Psychology. I will help you overcome past trauma, anxiety, stress, insomnia, weight problems, depression, low self-esteem and more.


In my work with clients I focus on the relationship with self as it's the most reliable source of support and the utmost important aspect of our lives. Self-love, self-trust, self-esteem, self-commitment and self-worth are all critical in how we perceive ourselves and the world (and therefore how we respond to it). Our relationship with self determines the quality of relationships with other human beings as well as permeates other areas of our lives, including finances, health, career, habits and happiness.


My Mission is to assist you in awakening your True Self and creating a beautiful synergy between your heart, mind, body and spirit. This is achieved by integrating all parts of you, healing your inner child, reconnecting with your higher self and bringing the unconscious and conscious parts of your mind into harmony.



Hypnotherapy is the use of an altered state of consciousness to treat and alleviate a wide variety of physical and psychological symptoms. Suggestions given by the therapist during hypnosis help to reprogram the subconscious and unconscious mind to achieve rapid and long-lasting changes.


Hypnotherapy helps you access your subconscious mind and focus on what you want to create. With repeated and directed attention towards your desired change, you can create new neural pathways and rewire your brain so that you learn to think and act differently. This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity and has been extensively researched.  Hypnotherapists assist their clients in using this remarkable ability of the brain to change. By retraining their brains, clients can eliminate unhelpful beliefs and create new, helpful ones to gain fast and long lasting results in many areas of their lives including career, mental health, physical health, self-esteem, relationships and more.


Online hypnotherapy is a convenient and safe alternative to face-to-face sessions. It is equally effective as hypnotherapy in the clinic and follows the same structured approach. Hypnosis doesn't require having a therapist in the room with you. All you really need to be able to do is listen to the suggestions they give you. Online hypnotherapy is particularly useful if you are limited by location, time, other commitments or health conditions. You'll just need a quiet, comfortable and private place at home or work to talk and relax without the need to spend time and money travelling and parking.


Counselling provides a safe space where you can just be you without fear of judgment. It is a collaborative process where through a series of regular sessions, we will work together to explore your difficulties in depth and help you to better understand your thoughts and feelings. I work in an open, flexible and creative style, trusting in the efficacy of the therapeutic relationship. In my approach I incorporate elements of Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and use intuition. I work closely with clients to achieve lasting personal changes in their lives. You may be facing challenges with anxiety, depression, stress, past trauma, bereavement and low self-esteem. I am there to support you; to accompany you in your journey of self-discovery and healing. Whatever stands in your way, we can work together to meet your goals.


Research has found that online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face treatment. The quality of communication is the same, and clients are still able to talk in depth about whatever they want to. There is no difference in patient satisfaction depending on whether therapy is online or in-person, and for either method of receiving therapy, the outcomes are better the more sessions someone attends. Virtual counselling is particularly useful for individuals who cannot afford the time required to travel to and from a counsellors office, people suffering from health conditions, such as anxiety, agoraphobia, physical illnesses or limited mobility, as well as clients living in remote areas. It can be the ideal solution for many, including those with disabilities, carers, parents, those who live in rural areas, and simply people whose schedules do not always allow the time to attend traditional face to face counselling.


Looking forward to working with you!



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