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My name is Grace and I offer coaching for the ambitious millennial between the ages of 25 and 40 in the areas of identity development, personal leadership and stress. I would like to help you as a millennial to understand that by getting to know yourself better, you can make all the important (life) choices that you encounter on your path, because only then you can truly live your life from your core identity. My goal is for you to become the boss of your own life: a millennial who knows who he/she is, with qualities and flaws. Together we will find out who you really are, and from there take back control of your life. Who is Grace? As being a millennial myself, I have 14 years of experience as a social worker and later as a manager. My educational background is a Bachelor of Science in Pedagogy and a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management. In addition to the knowledge and expertise I offer, I also bring life experience to the sessions with my clients. My personal development was a process of trial and error, and I have developed a way for millennials to establish their core identity in order to make the right choices in your life. I work from solution-oriented interventions, system-oriented and aimed at strengthening your self-reliance. Together we will find out who you really are, in order to take back control of the part of your life you are struggling with. My coaching is aimed at tackling doubts about who you are, so that you can prevent stress and a burnout. This starts with being able to reflect on yourself, something that can be difficult. I can help you to improve this skill. The fact that I can think along with you in the development of your identity is a responsibility that I take absolutely seriously. I am not a coach who treats you with kid gloves. I stand beside you in the process and do not walk away when the conversation becomes a little difficult. When I notice that you are going round in circles and not making any progress, I will confront you. Are you ready for a sustainable personal breakthrough? I am ready to assist you as your coach!





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