I’m an international psychologist using an integrative approach in order to determine the best individual option for my clients. I emphasize on unconditional positive regard, trauma healing and self-development.

My main experience as a psychologist has been with anxiety and depression (prenatal and postnatal), burn-out, stress/distress and complex trauma, the latter being one of the main and most rewarding focuses of my work.

My personal journey as a psychologist started a long time ago as I have always been fascinated by people’s life stories and challenges. There is something very powerful about sitting with a person, who is willing to trust you and be vulnerable, talking about the complexity of his/hers internal life. I am honored to work with clients from all over the globe through these especially difficult moments. I have affinity working with expats and international students/expats as they face many challenges while living abroad. I lived in the Balkans, Western Europe and Africa, I know what are the hurdles when navigating through a new culture.

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with emphasis on Pathology and I hold a Master of Science degree in Social, Organizational and Clinical Psychology from Leiden University. I further specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy and EMDR. Currently, I am being trained in the modality of Gestalt Psychotherapy and I’m on my way to become a Psychotherapist.

We live in a complex world with many uncertainties, I invite you to seek therapy in order to restore balance, find new meanings, embrace calmness and.. slowly, step by step experience happiness again!