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Can a baby save my relationship?

Who hasn’t have relationship issues? We all have! It’s only natural to face ups and downs as a couple. But, sometimes, we seem unable to solve them and ask ourselves: “Can a baby save my relationship?” I think you may already know the answer because having a child will not save your marriage; it will only make it harder.

It’s common to believe that the love that comes from a child can fade our couple’s problems away. But, does that kind of security exist? In today’s article, I’ll be addressing one of the most common issues regarding relationship problems: how can a child affect your difficult marriage.

Why do couples believe a child will save their struggling relationship?

I’ve heard from couples many times: “it would be different if we had a child” or “let’s have a baby so we can stop fighting!” Think about it from a different perspective; is it a real solution for your relationship issues? A child is an enormous responsibility for life. 

YES! For LIFE! That means that if you honestly want to create a happy family, with both happy parents in it, you need to trust and be sure about your partner. If you have any problems in your relationship today, having a child will not solve them, but make them even more difficult. Why? Because you’ll be more tired, less tolerant, with many hormones to deal with – both of you – you won’t be sleeping, more irritable, and many etceteras. Does that sound like the formula for solving relationship difficulties? No, of course, it doesn’t, it will every meager discomfort seem even more annoying. If your partner annoys you daily, you can be sure she/he will annoy you even more with time with no matter if there is a child or not. 

However, as babies are a lot of fun and love by themselves, people tend to believe mistakenly that a child can save their relationship. They think that love will swallow all the anger, distrust, and resentment. But it won’t, it may only momentarily mask it during the first days, but the issues will resurge, stronger.

How does a child affect a marriage or relationship?

Of course, having a child may bring many beautiful experiences to any couple, even to those marriages that are not having the best time. Yes, it brings parents together, but also it is a test for both of them to see how they deal with difficult times. That’s why a baby won’t save your marriage if you couldn’t manage things properly before.

Bringing a child to your life is a considerable change! It will drastically alter your routine. Many things will be arduous to manage, and both parents will need to pay attention and energy to the little one. As I already mentioned, your vitality will be lower, and you’ll be less receptive and empathic.

If you don’t feel right about your partner right now, please don’t decide to get more love with having a child, because this is not how relationships and love work. You need to be ready for it expressly, and you need to be connected with your feelings and in a stable relationship. If parents make this decision, it needs to be a conscious and thoughtful choice. And you’ll need to be more committed than ever!

Relationships and parenthood: a child won’t save your relationship

Children need a decent and caring home, and most importantly, they need parents full of love, not only to the baby itself but to each other.

So, if you are in a troubled marriage and looking for an answer to if having a baby will save your relationship, the truth is already clear; the answer is, once again, negative. But if you honestly want to make things better, first, talk with your partner and try and fix issues you may having as a couple. 

If you can do this, my experience says that your decision of making the family bigger will come along! And you'll all be happy!

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