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Couples things to do during COVID-19

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

We are all struggling because of the pandemic. It affects our work, travel plans, visiting family and friends but also our relationship. What can couples do during COVID-19? 

Many of us are locked down at home and spending 24/7 together, and others are living apart and can’t see each other at all. How to manage that difficult time? If this is one of your problems, keep reading because here I have some tips for couples during quarantine!

For couples who are apart 

If you are living through this, you are most likely communicating via online only. That doesn't mean there aren't couples things you can do during Covid-19! Actually, there are some beautiful moments you both can share with each other. 

Can't you come up with any ideas? What about trying any of these recommendations?

  1. Watching the same movie at the same time

  2. Cooking together via camera 

  3. Wake each other up by calling 

  4. Talk daily and ask if there is any help you may give

  5. Send each other presents 

  6. Write letters and send them by postal mail

  7. Exercise together 

As you can see, some of these things to do with your couple when in a distant relationship are pretty original! To be honest, some of them I would love to have even if we are spending quarantine together! What do you think? Give them a try and let me know!

For couples who are together 

Hang in there, trapped couples! I know it's hard for you too! As much as you love each other, it's not the same having to share your every second! Naturally, your tolerance reaches its limits! But there are some couples things to do during COVID-19 for you too! 

  1. Give each other space for work and relax 

  2. Make the best of time together as you may not always have it

  3. Eat romantic dinner together 

  4. Play games ( even the dirty ones ) 

  5. Watch movies together 

  6. Surprise each other with gifts or homemade presents 

  7. Create together ( painting, building, or whatever you can ) 

By the moment COVID is over, you will realize that many of these simple things you don’t do often hide the secret of a healthy and full love. 

Lockdown time can be frustrating for all of us but the best way to past that period is to make the best of it. Appreciate each other and the small details you usually have no energy to notice. Show love more than you could while you are busy at work. 

However, if you and your loved one are having more problems managing quarantine than you can handle, it's always wise to ask for help! As a relationship counselor, I can help you find a way to save your relationship and discover more couples things to do during COVID-19.

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