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How does love feel?

Many times, in your relationship you may ask yourself “is this love?” Being single you may be missing the feeling of “love “. The question is “how does love feel? “

Every one of us can answer this question in different ways, we all have different experiences and beliefs. Let’s first make understand this as there are different types of love and ways of feeling it.

You will love your child and parents, but you will love your partner differently. You can experience being in love with someone and feel it now, but it may not last forever. Your relationship or marriage may feel a lack of love over time.

So, what really love feels like?

Love is something we DO everyday. You can feel in love with someone and say it a thousand times each day, but you really prove your love with time and effort.

Happy marriage is not always about looking in each other’s eyes and making compliments all day long. I would almost say it is the other way around as it is about telling your partner how bad he looks in that shirt, how tired you are of going to bed late or how we will fix our financial situation, an important element of a loving relationship is supporting each other and communication.

The relationship between you and your partner is built on love but love won’t keep it strong without your work. Showing the one you love that you care is one of the fundamentals. You may not even realize how each day making a coffee for your partner, preparing breakfast, or making dinner can show how much you love him or her, its the small things that count.

Love must be something you felt yesterday, today and you will feel tomorrow.

Love also sets some expectations, and this must exist within each relationship. We need to share with each other, we need to have and live rules like mutual respect, loyalty, andkindness. This is tricky because the moment that a partner breaks the rules the level of love can immediately go down.

The best way of treating your partner is the way you wish to be treated.

So how does love feel like?

Love feels like daily happiness and closeness (with disagreements from time-to-time 😊).

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