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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Is negative love still love?

Love is about being happy and being happy is about enjoying the journey that is life. But what if you are in toxic relationship with someone who doesn’t want to join this happy journey?

I hear many stories of, and have also experienced in my own life, being with a partner who drags us down, who makes our life a hundred time more difficult than it would be without them but the problem is we still love him/her and we hope it will change. Well, I can tell you that it will never change.

Some people choose to be unhappy and make their life as most hard as is possible. They mostly blame their partners for their unhappiness and whatever you would do will never be enough. We are not talking here about an occasional bad day but about lifestyle which is based on negative energy only.

So the question is, is it real love when the one we love does not want to be happy together and keeps looking for ways to ruin your day and blame you for something you didn’t do? My answer is NO. Someone who is living with this behaviour already has some issues and you are not going to be the one who will fix it. They need to take some professional help and most importantly they must want make changes in their life.

Being together is not only commitment to each other but also to ourselves. The moment you decide to be with someone YOU NEED TO BE SURE that this is the person you want to be with today, tomorrow and in ten years of time.

Of course, people can change. What if the one I love today is not the same person who I could love in ten years from now? People change but never completely. What can change occurs over time of can be something we just didn’t see in the beginning of our relationship. That is why you should think twice and always be sure about your decision to commit to someone. Nobody ever wants to go through divorce and heartbreak after so many of years together so before you say yes to someone really consider if the person in front of you is bringing you happiness to your life.

Life is short and instead of focusing on “How to ruin his day up” think of yourself and ask yourself if this is the way you want to live your life forever.

Negative love doesn’t exist. Mad love – maybe, but if someone tells you that this is the way you love each other (hating each other) give them my contact information J

You shouldn’t be scared of being in relationship. Love should be a treat, not trick!

Happy Halloween!

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