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Savannah Leigh Huxtable


 I believe that experiencing mental and physical health is the foundation to a prosperous and joyful life. The environments and circumstances we find ourselves in are not always in our control; however I believe that in the face of adversity there are countless mechanisms to be acquired, allowing us to overcome mental/emotional barriers. I also believe that – in time – adverse experiences have the potential to become valuable life lessons. I value treating others as equals – in saying this, I mean NO power dynamic exists between clients and myself. I value gaining knowledge from my clients as they inform me about topics I am not well versed in. I value finding a balance between positivity by perceiving the good in all situations, whilst being able to view the situation as an unpleasantry and vent with my client.

I value honesty within sessions and the ability to be genuine at all times. Neither my clients, nor myself should ever feel the need to refrain disclosing information out of insecurity. It is the safest of spaces, and I can only hope that as we build our relationship, you will feel comfortable to voice any and everything you deem necessary. I am passionate about acknowledging individual strengths and using these within the counselling space to create lasting change. We are together in this journey and so it is imperative that we create a strong and empathic relationship – one which my client feels (and knows) that if necessary, they are always welcome to come back. I am especially interested in one on one counselling as the opportunity to build rapport with my clients is immense. I am particularly confident with treating eating disorders since these individuals are frequently neglected, rarely seek assistance and are known to have the highest mortality and relapse rate of all mental disorders. I will always act in the best interest of my clients and abide by my ethical principles; ensuring safe and confidential practice. I too have experienced unpleasantries and I am far from perfect. The experience we have together however, will be nothing short of rewarding. Yes, you will be uncomfortable at times; and yes, there will be challenges, but this is how you know growth and healing is taking place. You are courageous to have brought yourself here, and so you are just as courageous to see yourself through this life enhancing process. It all started with a girl who had no interest in school whatsoever. Then came 2017, when I embarked on my five year academic journey. If I hadn’t chosen to study Psychology I would not be able to say, “I have found my passion”. As a result of these years I am incredibly confident in the mental health services I provide. I have two degrees and obtain certification for Play Therapy – allowing me to counsel and work with children. I have created and managed mental health workshops at schools, informing and encouraging individuals about their future and speaking to a variety of mental health topics (anxiety, depression, self-esteem etc.). I have always worked within a voluntary capacity and can confidently say: I would do the most to be a part of any individuals journey toward personal growth and enhanced life experiences.

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